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The Saltfacial™

Skin renewal therapy treatment

The SaltFacial™ is a three-step treatment for ultimate skin rejuvenation anywhere on the body, and it’s safe for any skin type. You can expect a real, long-lasting change for beautiful, healthy skin!

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What is the SaltFacial™?

The first step is sea salt resurfacing, which detoxifies, is safe for sensitive skin, and maintains a healthy pH. The second step uses an aesthetic ultrasound. This replenishes nutrients, maximizes topical treatments, and promotes healthy circulation. The final step uses LED phototherapy, this step reduces redness, increases healing rate and encourages collagen production.

The Treatment

  • First, we restore your skin’s beauty using one of nature’s most trusted elements – pure, organic sea salt. Positive-pressure flow technology delivers the salt to the skin for uniform resurfacing, with no trauma, or post-treatment redness. Skin looks fresh and glowing.
  • Next, we use aesthetic ultrasound to nourish the skin and increase circulation. It replenishes vital nutrients and antioxidants, and enhances results when used with topical treatments (PRP, stem cells).
  • Finally, we use high-powered LED phototherapy to rejuvenate the skin and improve circulation for an instant glow.

Good Candidates

  • Individuals with acne or acne scarring.
  • Patients who want to reduce stretch marks.
  • Those with enlarged pores, fine lines, or wrinkles.
  • Patients with uneven pigment or texture and sun damage.
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Frequently Asked Questions

need a consultation?

During your introductory consultation, we will address your concerns and discuss how we can accomplish your goals with both products and services. From there, we will create a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your fit your lifestyle, goals and skin type.

Throughout the course of your customized plan, all treatments and results will be closely monitored and/or adjusted to ensure the most optimal results. Once the goals are achieved, a maintenance plan will be created.  

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