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Tala Microinfusion facial

Let your skin Look & Feel its best

The Tala Microinfusion Facial uses an individually customized cocktail to feed and nourish the skin from within. It is a perfect treatment before any big event when you want your skin to be glowing:  weddings, graduations, presentations, and red carpet events.

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What is the Tala MicroInfusion Facial?

Book this treatment 5 days before your big event! The Tala Microinfusion Facial uses a combination of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), antioxidants, and our secret brightening serum to give you your perfect glow! Few days after their treatment, patients say their skin looks like they’re wearing a ‘filter.’ Combine it with dermal fillers and neurotoxins for a full-face rejuvenation.

Treatment Areas

  • Face
  • Neck

Good Candidates

  • Anyone who wants a quick brightening and hydrating treatment for their skin.  
  • Patients who want their skin to glow for a big event.
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Frequently asked questions

need a consultation?

During your introductory consultation, we will address your concerns and discuss how we can accomplish your goals with both products and services. From there, we will create a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your fit your lifestyle, goals and skin type.

Throughout the course of your customized plan, all treatments and results will be closely monitored and/or adjusted to ensure the most optimal results. Once the goals are achieved, a maintenance plan will be created.  

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